LGSETA Forges Closer Cooperation With VUT To Enhance Skills Training

LGSETA recently established a partnership with the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) to develop and implement a training intervention programme as well as to, advance research and training capacity to promote the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDSIII).

One of the important aspects of the National Skills development strategy is to promote partnerships between employers, public education institutions such as VUT, private training providers and Setas.

In the agreement, the VUT has undertaken to offer a training intervention programme to the LGSETA for individuals within the local government structures such as, include councillors, traditional leaders, municipal officials and unemployed people.

The programme will focus on several priority areas including:

  • Management and leadership development
  • Infrastructure and service delivery
  • Community based participation and planning
  • Financial management
  • Workplace training systems
  • Research
  • Adult education and training.

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