CEO Interview: CEO Interview on the Great Governance Podcast

Collaborating for Impact: LGSETA’s Commitment to Working with Communities, Municipalities, and SETAs

Recently, the CEO Mr. Ineeleng Molete was featured as a guest on Dr. Harlan Cloete’s podcast, Great Governance ZA. The interview focused on how LGSETA works with communities and ensures that they are aware of the commendable work that we do. During the insightful discussion, CEO highlighted that community radio stations are a critical medium for sharing the good news about LGSETA’s work and the programmes we offer.

With the local government elections scheduled for 2024, the CEO emphasized the importance of capacitating councillors. He mentioned that the LGSETA has a Councillor Development Strategy in place, which comprises of three essential pillars. These pillars include a focus on Councillor Induction and Skills Audit through our partnership with SALGA, Function-based training and development, and soft skills development.

The CEO also added that LGSETA Provincial Offices and satellite offices are crucial points of contact for stakeholders. He encouraged communities to engage with Provincial Offices as they are committed to serving and ensuring they meet the needs of communities.

Moreover, the CEO talked about the importance of collaborating with other SETAs and shared examples of existing partnerships with Insurance SETA, W&RSETA, Construction SETA, and ETDP SETA. He also mentioned that LGSETA is concluding a key collaboration with SASSETA, specifically on farm protection and drone training.

The CEO emphasized that collaborations and synergies between the SETAs are of paramount importance. With the challenges facing South Africa, the SETAs need to put their differences aside and work together as one to make a greater impact in our respective sectors.

To listen to the full podcast, please click on this link:–Ineeleng-Molete-in-S6E5-e2b79ns/a-aahq1he