Vision, Mission and Values


To be a SETA of excellence, facilitating skills development at Local Government across South Africa.

The LGSETA would have achieved its vision when the following happens:

  • The LGSETA delivers learners beyond the expectations of the stakeholder (DHET) year-on-year;
  • Learners are certified within the prescribed time frames;
  • The Local Government sector recognises LGSETA qualifications;
  • Stakeholders collaborate with the LGSETA in the development of Local Government sector skills and new and relevant qualifications;
  • Learners either gain meaningful employment or build businesses;
  • LGSETA employees are motivated to work for the organisation;
  • LGSETA operations are responsive and systems-led;
  • The LGSETA has developed a cadre of staff serving the nation and delivering on its promises to the stakeholders; and
  • There is alignment between the Sector Skills Plan, LGSETA Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan. 


Our mission is to build Local Governments’ ability to meet its development needs by engaging innovative training methods, effective capacity building frameworks and building strategic partnerships. 

Values Of The LGSETA

The LGSETA is envisioning a greater future. The organization is actively aligning itself with the strategic objectives of the Department of Higher Education and Training in carrying out its mandate. Critical to this alignment process is the need to drive and live a value system which will drive the necessary change in the organisation and in the way we engage our various stakeholders. A cultural change will be necessary. Below are the refined values of the LGSETA:


  1. Service Excellence: It is our commitment to consistently deliver services and programmes that address skills gaps in our sector.
  2. Passion: We have a compelling dream of a local government sector that has a skilled base which enables it to provide services and empower our people across the nation.
  3. Integrity: We strive to be honest and our work is underpinned by strong moral principles.
  4. Collaboration: We work with others by partnering with expert stakeholders thereby increasing organisational knowledge and confidence in Local Government SETA programmes and services.
  5. Engagement: We are on a mission to play an active role removing barriers that hinder or frustrate organisational performance internally and externally.
  6. Empowerment: We will do all we can to provide well researched information to facilitate proper decision-making in and outside the organisation.