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Role and Positioning of the Skills Development Facilitator

​The function of the Skills Development facilitator within a municipality is a key strategic function. The person nominated as the SDF should be of a sufficiently senior position to:

  • Be part of the municipal strategic planning team, and should be familiar not only with the municipal training objectives, but should be familiar with the municipality’s IDP and employment equity objectives
  • Should be sufficiently senior to be able to ensure the co-operation of the line managers in both the planning and implementation of training, and should be able to report to Council accordingly ( where necessary)
  • The SDF functions should form the core of the individual’s key performance areas
  • The SDF should be able to indentify the correct training interventions for staff to follow in their quest to improve their work and individual performance

The functions of the SDF are:

  • To take responsibility for convening the training committee and ensuring that appropriate consultative processes around skills development are implemented
  • That appropriate procedures and records are kept of training committee meetings
  • Take responsibility for the development of the WSP and the necessary consultation thereon
  • Liaise with the LGSETA around issues of skills development
  • Ensure submission of the WSP to the LGSETA
  • Oversee the implementation of training
  • Keep appropriate training records
  • Report on training conducted to the LGSETA
  • Ensure participation in LGSETA learnerships and skills programmes
  • Attend SDF forums and SDF training
  • Strategically align the training and development of skills in an organization
  • Conduct an analysis to determine training outcomes
  • Understand the Sector Skills Plan with focus on scares and crtitical skills planning

Profile of the SDF:

  • Should be qualified hr practitioner, preferably a training specialist
  • Should have experience in the local government sector
  • Good interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills
  • Should have adequate administrative and i.t support